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3D Printing of Optics

  • Verlag: SPIE Press
  • Autoren: M. Rank and A. Heinrich
  • ISBN: 9781510619982

Additive manufacturing generally refers to the layer-by-layer deposition of material in order to build a part. This process opens up completely new design possibilities compared to conventional, subtractive manufacturing methods. Thus, for example, complex-shaped parts with integrated functionality can be realized as monolithic components. Therefore, this manufacturing method offers a high potential not only for mechanical components but also for optical components, which creates new approaches and solutions for optical systems. This Spotlight is intended to introduce the 3-D printing of optical components. It also offers experienced users of the technology a better understanding of the topic. The entire process chain of the 3-D printing of optical components is considered. It deals with the construction of a 3-D printing system, the printing materials, and the printing process, as well as the necessary rework and the characteristics of the 3-D printed optics. The minimum requirements are an undergraduate level of mathematics and basic knowledge of physics.

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