Handbook of Optical Systems: Vol.5 Metrology of Optical Components and Systems

Bernd Dörband, Henriette Müller, ed. Herbert Gross
2012, XXIII, 979 Seiten, 100 farbige Abbildungen, Maße: 17 x 24 cm,, Gebunden, Englisch
ISBN-13: 97835274038

The topics in this fifth volume cover the methods of measuring the properties of optical components and systems. The different fundamental techniques, such as interferometry, photometry, image analysis and polarimetry, are introduced and clearly discussed in detail. Subsequent chapters provide a survey of how to qualify optical materials, coatings and surfaces of optical components, combined with a treatment of light and radiation. As a result, this one-stop reference allows readers to select and configure metrology setups suitable to measure and qualify optical components and systems with respect to the specific requirements limiting their performance.

46 Interferometry
47 Wavefront Sensing
48 Radiometry, Photometry and Spectroscopy
49 Image Analysis
50 Polarimetry
51 Optical Components and Subassemblies
52 Testing the Quality of Optical Materials
53 Testing the Geometry of Optical Components
54 Testing the Quality of Coatings
55 Testing Surface Imperfections
56 Testing Extraordinary Components
57 Testing the Quality of Optical Systems